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21 years young, Maryland crooner Brent Faiyaz plans on living forever. In a musical landscape consumed with imagery over substance, those who prioritize music before stylists and publicists are eventually inducted into the immortal hall of music legends. In his honest and introspective lyrics, Brent slinks between heroism and villainy like bushes in a wooded path, as do we all, since the cocky heartbreaker and vulnerable repentant are usually one and the same. We were told growth was walking a long and twisted path through the darkness, but with Brent Faiyaz as your witty companion, maybe you can touch a piece of that immortality as well. Laying low after premiering his first single “Allure” via Pigeons & Planes last year, Brent has chosen to record his upcoming debut project in LA to ensure an optimal listening experience for both old and new fans alike. Most recently, Faiyaz was featured on Goldlink’s “Crew” which hit #1 at Urban radio and was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

  • Brent Faiyaz - "Invite Me" (Writer/Performer)
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  • Brent Faiyaz - AM Paradox - EP (Writer/Performer)
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  • Sonder - "One Night Only"
  • Sonder - "What You Heard" (Writer / Performer)
  • Juice WRLD - "Demonz" (Writer / Featured Artist)
  • Future - "Extra" (Co-Writer)