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Partnership with American Songs

DRAM is the mc, vocalist, and producer behind the 5X Platinum hit “Broccoli” and the viral hit “Cha Cha” which have a combined 150 million plays on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. In a little more than a year, DRAM has gone from a local phenom in his hometown of Hampton, VA to one of the most talked-about artists in the hip hop blogosphere. He recently signed to Atlantic Records following the success of “Cha Cha” and his critically acclaimed EP Gahdamn! was executive-produced by Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontale, and Nate Fox.

  • D.R.A.M. - "Cha Cha" (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • D.R.A.M. - "Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty" (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • D.R.A.M. - #1 Epic EP (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • D.R.A.M. - Gahdamn! EP (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • D.R.A.M. - "Cute" (Writer/Performer)
  • D.R.A.M. - Big Baby D.R.A.M. (Writer/Performer)
  • Gorillaz - "Andromeda feat. D.R.A.M." - Humanz (Featured Artist)
  • Diplo - "Look Back (feat. DRAM)" - California EP (Featured Artist)
  • Snow Tha Product - "Myself (feat. DRAM)"
  • DRAM - That's a Girls Name
  • GRiZ - "It Gets Better" (Featured Artist)