Kevin Abstract (Brockhampton)

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At the young age of 20, Kevin Abstract has already developed a concrete image both on stage and online and is commanding attention due to his progressive music as well as his carefully curated visual presentation. Befriending The Neighbourhood shipped him across the pond to join them in the UK before being asked to join the US dates last Summer.

He shared a cinematic visual for his single “Empty” that spread rapidly online and gained the attention of fans and critics alike. He then shared his deeply personal song “Miserable America” which earned him praise from The New York Times. After releasing his acclaimed mixtape MTV1987 in 2015 with right hand man & producer Romil, he set out to make his followup – working tediously on many versions of what turned into his debut album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.

Citing influences like Kid Cudi and Tyler, The Creator, Abstract’s ability to champion and relate to those whom have been fortunate enough to discover him through his unique approach of transparency and honesty with fans will continue to propel his impact on audiences and news fans alike in 2017.

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