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A great artist often adapts to the environment around them while embracing their own creative vision. Nothing more true can be said about producer, singer, songwriter and recording artist Peder Losnegård, a.k.a Lido. Over the last five years, the multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso has fearlessly carved out his own creative stamp across multiple genres within the musical landscape. He’s produced and remixed some of the most innovative music of the last decade for a long list of critically acclaimed chart-topping heavyweights including, Chance The Rapper, Jaden Smith, Banks, Alt-J, Bastille, Halsey and Disclosure to name a few.

His solo releases include 2016’s critically praised album, ‘Everything,’ as well as his now infamous 8-minute re-imagining of Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo,’ appropriately titled ‘Life of Peder.’ 2018 has already seen Lido produce tracks for Chicago rapper Towkio including his breakout single “Symphony,” which the two performed last February on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In May, he released the EP ‘Spacesuit’ with buzzing Seattle rapper J’von which was dubbed an “impressive 7-track package” by This Song IS Sick. He followed that with ‘Life of Peder’ with the highly acclaimed 7-minute project ‘kidsloveghosts,” a re-imagining of Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s latest collaboration ‘Kids See Ghosts,’ hailed by Dancing Astronaut as “stunning” and “masterful.”

Entirely self-taught, Lido quickly became a piano prodigy while also excelling on the drums. He got to grips with production at the age of ten which allowed him to develop his own unique production style from an early age. It was through a series of remixes that Lido eventually catapulted into the sets of the most high-profile DJs around the globe, capturing the ears of numerous notable tastemakers. Reworking acts like Portugal. The Man and Bill Withers, Lido became an internet sensation, eventually getting signed to record label Pelican Fly/Because Music. Debuting on the label with 2014’s ‘I Love You’ EP, followed by the ‘Superspeed’ EP, and remixes of Banks, Alt-J and MØ, Lido’s anti-formulaic style emerged. His tracks bounce from one idea to another voraciously, but always with that clear Lido stamp. You don’t just get a drum and a bassline on a track of his; you’re more likely to get an entire string or brass section that elevates his sound to cinematic heights.

  • Jaden Smith - "B" - Syre (Writer / Producer)
  • Jaden Smith - "L" - Syre (Writer / Producer)
  • Jaden Smith - "U" - Syre (Writer / Producer)
  • Jaden Smith - "E" - Syre (Writer / Producer)
  • Jaden Smith - "Hope" - Syre (Writer / Producer)
  • Jaden Smith - "Ninety" - Syre (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "The Prologue" - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "Good Mourning" - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "Lie feat. Quavo" - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "Walls Could Talk" - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "Don't Play" - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "Castle" - Badlands (Writer / Producer)
  • Halsey - "New Americana" - Badlands (Producer)
  • Halsey - "Control" - Badlands (Producer)
  • Halsey - "Young God" - Badlands (Producer)
  • Halsey - "Gasoline" - Badlands (Producer)
  • A$AP Ferg - "Yammy Gang feat. A$AP Mob & Tatiana Paulino" - Always Strive and Prosper (Writer / Producer)
  • Cashmere Cat - "Adore feat. Ariana Grande" (Writer / Producer)
  • Ariana Grande - "Be My Baby feat. Cashmere Cat" - My Everything (Writer / Producer)
  • Alison Wonderland - "Cold" - Run (Writer / Producer)
  • Alison Wonderland - "Already Gone feat. Brave & Lido" (Featured Artist / Writer / Producer)
  • Lido - Everything (Featured Artist / Writer / Producer)
  • Lido - I Love You EP (Featured Artist / Writer / Producer)
  • Lido - Superspeed EP (Featured Artist / Writer / Producer)
  • Lido - "Not Enough feat. THEY" (Featured Artist / Writer / Producer)
  • Lido - Tints EP (Featured Artist / Writer / Producer)