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Peter Thomas is a songwriter, producer, singer and musician from Rhode Island, but currently resides in Los Angeles. Peter launched his career by executive producing and co-writing Betty Who’s debut album “Take Me When You Go” as well as follow up album “The Valley”, in addition to recently co-writing COIN’s Top 10 hit “Talk Too Much”. He has additional credits and/or upcoming releases with Sheppard, Selena Gomez, VÉRITÉ, Emmalyn, Phoebe Ryan, Jukebox The Ghost, Hilary Duff, and more, as well as having done remixes of CRUISR, Frankie, The Knocks and Phoenix.

  • COIN - "Talk Too Much" (Writer)
  • Betty Who - "Somebody Loves You" - Take Me When You Go (Writer/Producer)
  • Betty Who - "All Of You" - Take Me When You Go (Writer/Producer)
  • Betty Who - "I Love You Always Forever" (Producer)
  • RAC - "Johnny Cash feat. Scavenger Hunt" - Ego (Writer)
  • Sheppard - "Keep Me Crazy" (Writer/Producer)
  • Sheppard - "Edge of the Night" (Writer/Producer)
  • Anjulie - "Where the Love Goes feat. Oskar Flood" (Writer/Producer)
  • Vérité - "Phase Me Out" (Producer)
  • Vérité - "Gesture" - Living EP (Producer)
  • Scavenger Hunt - "Sweet Talk" (Writer/Producer)
  • Hilary Duff - "Sparks" - Breathe In. Breathe Out. (Writer)
  • Frankie - "New Obsession (Peter Thomas Remix)" - New Obsession (The Remixes) EP (Producer)
  • Jukebox The Ghost - "Everybody's Lonely"
  • Betty Who - "Ignore Me"
  • Anton Hagman - "Running in the Dark"