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PHEM has grown her audience base exponentially into a dedicated worldwide fanbase. Her first single was a collab with G Eazy titled “Just Friends”. She was profiled by BIllboard Magazine in Sept. 2018 as one of the most prominent up-and-coming queer genre-blending artists of 2018. Signed to Caroline, her most recent single “Repeat,” features Samson, and she has upcoming collabs with Machine Gun Kelly and Gabriel Black. Additionally, she has recently been in the studio with Josh Abraham, Oli Goldstein, Teddy Geiger, Cisco Adler, and Nick Long.

  • Gabriel Black, Phem - "Dead Yet (with Phem)" (Co-Writer)
  • Phem - "Sweater" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phem - "I Need It" (Co-Writer / Performer)
  • Phem - "Vacumhead" (Co-Writer / Performer)
  • Phem - "Who Cares" (Co-Writer / Performer)
  • Phem - "Grim Reaper" (Co-Writer / Performer)
  • Gabriel Black - "dead yet (with Phem)" (Co-Writer / Co-Producer / Performer)