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The exclusive realm of RKCB introduces a dreamy ode to their unpredictable soundscapes. When Riley Knapp and Casey Barth fuse together their diverse layers of electronic, R&B music, the result is an unparalleled work of art that could be displayed in a gallery for the most modern music consumer. Avant-guard by design, RKCB’s songs are also personal and strive to inspire listeners within the lyrics of this narrative. This is perhaps the most fascinating part of the experience woven between the music, songwriting, and imagery.

With more than 30 million online streams, RKCB songs have premiered on Noisey, and Beats1 with Zane Lowe, topped the charts of Hype Machine, and seen success in Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday, Alternative R&B, Indie Pop, and US/Global Viral Charts. Additionally, RKCB is hitting the road this Fall with Gallant, and have already won fans over with their fully developed Rock n Roll-esque show at SXSW, as well as sold out concerts in Los Angeles.

Both accomplished as producers and songwriters, RKCB have worked with the likes of Erik Hassle, Kacy Hill, and Tinashe. They currently reside in Los Angeles and are working on their second body of work to follow their debut EP Short Films. The forthcoming project is due out in the Fall of 2016.

  • RKCB - "Comatose" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • RKCB - "Baptize" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • RKCB - "Elision" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • RKCB - Short Films (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • RKCB - "Elevated" (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • RKCB - "Open Arms feat. Demo Taped" (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • RKCB - "Bloom" - Single (Primary Artist)
  • RKCB & Opia - "Always" (Writers)
  • GTA - "Pressure (feat. RKCB)" - Good Times Ahead (Writers, Performers)
  • GTA - "All Caught Up (feat. Tinashe)" - Good Times Ahead (Writers)