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While finding his way through middle school and high school in the late 90s and early 00s with a love of dance pop and house music, Bradley Hale kept his obsessions to himself. Sombear is a way of reliving that youthful spirit without the confinement of hallways soaked in testosterone. Fragile and introverted pop is his cautious attempt at reassembling who he is.

  • Sombear - Love You In The Dark (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "Find Me At Night" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "Golden Rave" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "Incredibly Still" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "US, Atoms" (Peformer/Writer/Producer)
  • Seven Lions - "A Way To Say Goodbye (feat. Sombear)" - The Throes Of Winter (Performer)
  • Now, Now - Threads (Performer/Writer)
  • Now, Now - Neighbors