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Born into a family of artists, SUR has devoted much of his life to his overlapping passions for music and art. Frustrated by the confines of Los Angeles, the Northern California-bred musician and producer built a makeshift studio in the back of an RV and set out on a two-month-long journey. While out on the road, he began creating a sound both gritty and melodic, nuanced and volatile, reflective and deeply life-affirming. A visual artist, poet, and self-described American medicinal farmer, SUR’s sound arose from an entirely uncalculated burst of creativity. He self-produced his debut ep Savage Beast released on Interscope Records in 2018, and handled all of the instrumentation (including acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, synth, and live and programmed drums).

  • SUR - Savage Beast (Writer / Performer)
  • SUR - "Only Road" (Writer / Producer / Performer)