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Zack Arnett, the Northern California-bred artist/musician/producer/writer and founder of the eclectic, alternative project SUR, had a mission. To set forth on a creative adventure, building a makeshift studio in the back of an RV and venturing out on a coastal journey to begin creating the soundtrack to his life. Arnett, a visual artist, poet, American medicinal farmer, former graffiti artist, prolific painter and nature enthusiast decided to pay tribute to the place he’s long considered a spiritual and creative haven. “Big Sur is my compass, it’s what compelled me to be a creator in the first place”. From Big Sur to Joshua Tree and beyond, Arnett continued shaping the music he’d eventually focus around his artist project SUR, as well as begin a creative exploration that would lead him into the studio with a diverse range of artists, songwriters and producers.

SUR builds a powerful dynamic by fusing inventive alternative, electronic and rock elements, visceral rhythms, a hip-hop spirit and a dash of desert-dusted mysticism which can be heard on the debut EP SAVAGE BEAST featuring “LEAN BACK” and “MAKE IT TO MORNING”. After soaking up inspiration from the festival scene performing at key stops from Lollapalooza, Firefly, Lightning In A Bottle and more, Arnett turned his attention back to the studio for follow up single “ONLY ROAD”. and along with producer Jeff Gitty, created an anthemic, church choir feel one moment and a swampy, hip-hop bounce the next.

Never one to be pigeonholed into a genre, Zack went roving again for inspiration and found it while in an altered state of consciousness where light and dark danced. The end result is the new single “VISIONS”, a playful, sonic-trip that feels, warm, guttural and almost tribal. Arnett calls the song “a journey to lose yourself to find yourself”. “VISIONS” will release in late spring followed by more new music coming throughout the year. Arnett says the new sounds are “a deeper more personal exploration internally, what I have taken in along my creative path, the energy of festival culture, the positive charge of the community in music and a mixing of genres from electronic and tribal beats to more groove based production and warm sounds”.

SUR’s music can be heard on an extensive list of TV shows, films, commercials and games across HBO, Showtime, FOX, STARZ, ABC, Netflix, NBC, CBS, The NFL, ESPN, WWE, NASCAR, EA Sports, commercials for Budweiser, Jeep and more. When Zack takes a break from SUR, you can find him in the studio writing with and producing for a wide-ranging list of creatives that has kept his genre-hoping skills at their sharpest working with Jesse Saint John, Jeff Gitty, Billy Porter, Lauren Gray, Jafaris, Coleman Hell, Mike Stroud of Ratatat, Jackie Young, Willa, Dave Bassett, Nicky Davey, Sophia Quinn, MACKandgold, Joel Taylor and many others.

  • SUR - Savage Beast (Writer / Performer)
  • SUR - "Only Road" (Writer / Producer / Performer)