Yade Lauren

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Yade Lauren was discovered on Facebook a year ago when her sister posted a video of her singing. Since then she has been featured on two singles by DJ duo Yellow Claw released on Mad Decent. The first collaboration “Invitation” has garnered over 3 million views on YouTube and over 20 million plays on Spotify, and earned her a coveted Gold award in her home country, The Netherlands. The second collaboration “Love & War” has amassed over 5 million views on YouTube, 17 million plays on Spotify, and is on route to hit another Gold award mark. Her voice and lyrical appeal has attracted other Dutch artists, which recently resulted in her first co-write and feature on an album that reached #1 in The Netherlands.

She is a promising talent who has built an incredible track record in a short time span. This year she will be releasing her debut single and EP wherein she will demonstrate her international reach in singing and writing.

  • Yellow Claw - "Invitation feat. Yade Lauren" (Featured Artist)
  • Yellow Claw - "Love & War feat. Yade Lauren" (Featured Artist)
  • Dolf feat. Yade Lauren - "Another You"