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JEZ DIOR After becoming a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene from his early releases, 2014’s The Funeral and 2016’s Youthenasia – the LA-native singer-songwriter/rapper released his debut album on Oct. 4, 2019 via Epic Records. Handle with Care is a largely biographical album, chronicling Jez’s life so far. Although a drug addiction separated him and his father, British rocker Steve Dior, two much too early in life, Jez spent his early childhood years surrounded by his father’s love for music which helped establish the unique perspective Jez carries with him in the music he creates today. It’s Jez’s life experience and honesty about his battles with depression, heartbreak, death, substance abuse and eventual sobriety that allow him to be the artist he is today. Jez’s journey of loss, fear and self-discovery can be heard in journal-like fashion through his discography. “Nobody Knows” featuring Jackson Guthy peaked at Top 40 at Rhythmic Radio, setting the stage for future radio entries. With over 100 million streams to date, Jez Dior is using his platform to spread a hopeful message, touching the hearts of millions of fans daily delivering the simple yet necessary moral that you’re not alone. With acclaim from the likes of Time Magazine and Hypebeast, he pulls together hip-hop, alternative and pop into a powerful and personal patchwork, sharing his struggles and story as if speaking candidly right from a therapist’s couch. Jez is featured in Do Something’s 2020 Men’s Mental Health Campaign, spreading awareness for tools to manage every day life and normalizing mental health self-care. Catch Jez on the cover of the Nude Magazine (April 2020) and expect new music this spring.

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