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MATOMA is a DJ with a signature sound that is a summer-ready mix of tropical house, breezy funk and classic hip-hop, with influences including Ice Cube, Xzibit and The Notorious B.I.G. He fuses styles into an infectiously feel good and completely danceable sound, as heard on his remixes and mashups of artists as varied as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Will Smith, Maroon 5 and Axwell. Rather than choosing a single genre label, Matoma prefers to simply call his output the future of pop music. His skills as a producer have gained high-level attention from the pop world, with the recent release of “Try Me,” a collaboration between Jason Derulo and Jennifer Lopez, a song that SPIN labeled as the “best song of Lopez’s career.” Matoma also recently released the original track titled “Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice)” which features Wale and Popcaan.

  • The Vamps & Matoma - "All Night" (Writer)
  • Jason Derulo - "Try Me feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma" (Writer/Producer)
  • Matoma and Enrique Iglesias - "I Don't Dance (Without You)"
  • Matoma - "False Alarm" (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • Matoma - One in a Million
  • Matoma & Magic - "Girl At Coachella feat. D.R.A.M." - Single (Featured Artist)
  • Matoma & The Notorious B.I.G. - "Old Thing Back feat. Ja Rule & Ralph Tresvant" (Producer)
  • Matoma - "Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice) feat. Popcaan & Wale" (Writer/Producer)
  • Matoma - "Schoolboy's Crew 2015 feat. Geoffrey Fagerli" (Writer/Producer)
  • Matoma - "Baobab2015 feat. Siren" (Writer/Producer)
  • Matoma feat. MAX - "Lonely" - Single (Artist)
  • Matoma, MNEK - "Bruised Not Broken (Feat. MNEK & Kiana Lede)" (Writer / Performer)
  • Matoma - "All Around the World feat. Bryn Christopher" (Co-Writer / Performer)
  • One Direction - "Perfect (Matoma Remix)" (Producer)
  • Family Force 5 - "This Is My Year (Matoma Remix)" (Producer)
  • Nikki Vianna, Matoma, Steve Void - "When You Leave" (Writer / Performer)
  • Matoma, Wilder Woods, Petey - "Keep It Simple (Feat. Wilder Woods) [Acoustic]" (Writer / Performer)
  • Matoma - 'RYTME' (Writer / Performer)