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SUR (Zack Arnett) the Northern California-bred producer/songwriter is one of those rare, creatives whose genre-bending style allows him the freedom to jump into the studio with a diverse range of artists, songwriters and producers across alternative, pop, hip-hop, rhythmic, electronic, rock, and beyond. As part of the Pulse Music Group family, Arnett has had the opportunity to write and produce alongside a wide-ranging list of creatives that has kept his genre-hopping skills at their sharpest working with Jesse Saint John, Jeff Gitty, Natasha Bedingfield, Jafaris, Billy Porter, Loren Gray, Coleman Hell, Sophia Quinn, Mike Stroud of Ratatat, Jackie Young, Willa, Dave Bassett, Nicky Davey, MACKandgold, Joel Taylor and many others as well as continue to create for his artist project, SUR . Zack has a penchant for writing soulfully infused, anthemic, melodies with hook-laden, choruses mixed with clever lyrics that truly capture a mood.

  • SUR - Savage Beast (Writer / Performer)
  • SUR - "Only Road" (Writer / Producer / Performer)
  • SUR - "Visions" (Writer / Performer)